Friday, September 5, 2014

WDW - Day 5

Finally back to Magic Kingdom on Day 5.  We headed out early to be there for opening ceremonies.  I love rope drop at any of the is just an exciting feeling.  But at Magic Kingdom it is extra, extra special.  The mayor of Magic Kingdom starts the show and the characters come in on the train.  There are small fireworks, music, dancing and lots of waving from a wide variety of characters.  It really is magical and such a treat. 
We had the best seats for the show.  It is so packed in there but our kids had a prime seat on the wall.  They loved the characters pointing, waving, and blowing kisses just for them.  And Jack noticed...that is the only time you hear Mickey talk. 
 Lucy had a very special Elsa and Anna dress and bow to meet them later that day.

 The boys picked out swords at a shop near the castle.  This castmember was amazing and told him these were the best swords at Disneyworld and taught them how to shine and polish them.  The boys thought it was a real treat.  Lucy also was pixie dusted and they dragon dusted the boys.  Glitter is always fun!
 We had Starbucks for breakfast this morning.  Always a fun and unexpected treat for my kiddos.
 We stumbled upon a 10 minute wait for Rapunzel and Cinderella and hopped right in line.  These lines can get very long and we had used our FastPasses on different attractions.  They were both very sweet...Rapunzel was energentic and cute and Cinderella was poised and demure.  Love how the characters do such a great job at keeping the magic!
 In line with my boys for Space Mountain.  Sam was hands up all the time for the roller coasters. 

 The moment we had been waiting for our whole trip....meeting Elsa and Anna.  We got in line and were so excited!  Once we were pulled into the room they were in we noticed another castmember say that was all.  We were the last ones in this group to get to see Elsa and Anna before they took a break.  While waiting in line Sam was teasing Lucy about the pronunciation of Anna's name and Lucy hollered back at it him, "It's Anna!"  Anna from across the room where she was visiting with other guests kept hollering back, "Yes, I hear you!"  It was so cute.  When Lucy finally got to the front and it was her turn to visit with Anna she was very shy.  Anna said I  know you can talk...I just heard you yelling my name.  She was so amazing with her and spent SO much time.  They made up a story where Anna used Lucy's hand to play the characters, they made a video for our friends, she took pictures, signed autographs, and then asked the boys if they would teach her how to slay dragons.  She used a feather she found as her "sword".  It really was the best character experience I have ever had in all my years going to Disney World.  (The second being when a green army men noticed Jack needing to go potty at Disney Studios came over grabbed him and walked him quite a distance to the restroom and made him go in and go potty and stood guard outside.)  We were so engrossed in Anna we didn't even notice when Elsa finished up.  She came over and Anna told her that she was learning to slay dragons...Elsa very calmly told her she needn't worry...there were no dragons in Arendelle and that if there were...she didn't need a sword she would just freeze them.  Even the boys thought that was awesome.  Elsa was beautiful and totally in character as well.  Her and Lucy practiced throwing ice crystals.  We walked out of there with the biggest smile on all of our faces.  The boys kept saying Lucy wasn't that awesome.  I loved that we were able to go to Disney the year of Frozen.

 Back at the hotel we enjoyed the create your own pasta bar, roasted marshmallows, and played on the playground for quite awhile.  It was a great last evening of vacation.  I took this before I went to sleep.  Sleeping with this cutie every night sure was a highlight for me.

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