Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Goodbye Kingston

About 2 months ago Toby and I started tossing the idea around to sell our house.  We went back and forth literally 100s of times but ultimately decided to sell the great house on Kingston that we lovingly and painstakingly remodeled and made our own.  It was such a hard decision to make but we felt like we were walking in the right direction and that God was calling us to make this change.  What we didn't realize when we started this process was that the house we would end up buying would be nothing that we expected.  Needless to say our last night at Kingston was hard...we contemplated staying at my parents since the truck was loaded with most of our furniture but instead decided to camp out.  The kids in our master bedroom and Toby and I in the living room.  It was a sweet night with just us 5, the Lego movie, Netflix, and some tears. 

The kids loved the U-Haul so much!!  Empty they thought it was their American Ninja Warrior course and full they thought it was a jungle gym filled with tunnels.  


My parents, sister and brother in law, Toby's mom, and friends were all so helpful in getting us moved.  It was a long, hard few days but we finally made it to the new house. 
Lots of pics of the new house to come!

Friday, July 11, 2014

July 4th Underwater Fun

We decided to just have a BBQ at home to celebrate the 4th.  We cooked a delicious dinner complete with pork chops, steak, sausage, baked beans, corn, oriental cole slaw, and yummy banana pudding.  I brought out our underwater camera and the kids had so much fun taking pics with it.  Here are just a few...so many are my faves!

 This girl learned to swim this year and is doing amazing! 
We are so proud of our little 3 year old fish!

 What goes up must come down!

Sam took a bunch of selfies as the day was coming to the end.  They are all so cute!

Happy Independence Day

 Our three little patriots

 Jack (Age 7)
 Sam (Age 6)
Lucy (Age 3)
We hope your July 4th was as relaxing and delicious as ours was.  What a blessing it is to be an American!  I hope our kids always know how amazing our country is.  

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 3rd of July

Our town does the fireworks on July 3rd...not sure why but it is kind of fun because it extends the holiday.  We swam late in the afternoon before getting our spot for viewing the fireworks.
 Cheerleading stunts with Daddy!

 We found a great spot that had a perfect view of the fireworks and room to play for the kids.  We ate Chick-fil-A and had a great time!
 Our neighbors joined us and Toby's mom, aunt, and cousin also were visiting and came to enjoy the show.

 The balls kept going down into the sewer.  Here Toby and Chris are lowering Sam down the manhole so he can get the ball.  YUCK!

 Jack wanted to try too!
 While we were sitting around visiting Lucy got up and went and stomped something.  It was starting to get dark and someone said she just killed a spider.  I looked down and could tell by the silhouette it was not a spider but a scorpion.  I have never seen one around here so we all had lots of fun looking at it.  Lucy is a brave one! 
 Enjoying the fireworks in the back of Chris' truck.

The weather was so cool this year and made for such an enjoyable night.  I cannot believe the cool weather we have had this summer.  We are usually well into the 100s by now.  We will take the blessing of cooler weather anytime!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


It has been way too long since I have blogged and we have been doing lots of fun things and I know I am going to be sad if I don't start documenting them again.  Toby is off this week for a staycation.  Today we went to Waco to visit Baylor and some other fave Waco places. 
 Lucy and Sam found their names at the Bear Pit.  Bears that were previously Baylor's mascot had these names. 

 We found these hearts on the wall at Burleson Quadrangle.  I could not help but think of my little Lucy and her love of hearts!

 Pics by Pat Neff

 Lucy's favorite bear, Duffy, got to make the trip to visit the Baylor Bears.
 Fun times in the bookstore

 Lunch at Vitek's.  Famous BBQ place known for the Gut Pack

 We went to the children's museum on Baylor Campus. What an amazing museum.  So many hands on exhibits!

 Outside they had a replica of an old village from the late 1800s.  The kids were shocked by the one room schoolhouse.

 I can't imagine how long it would take me to do laundry if I had to use these implements.

 Weather girl

 Our sweet friend, Autumn, suggested we head next door to the Baylor Athletic Complex to see RGIII Heisman trophy.  While we were there she popped out of her office and gave us a tour of the entire facility.  It was such a treat to see the football offices (even Art Briles), great view of the practice fields, weight room, study hall, locker area, and more.  It really was an unexpected surprise and the highlight of our day.

 This wall holds helmets from every NFL team and below the helmet is listed which Baylor football players have went on to play for that team.  Very impressive.
 On our way back north we stopped in West to get some yummy kolaches.  The kids loved them as did Mom and Dad.  Toby had never stopped there before.  I could not believe that in all the time we have been married we haven't gone together! 

It was such a fun day trip.  Going back to visit Baylor always brings up the best memories.  I love that we met there and it is fun showing the kids all of our favorite spots.