Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 3rd of July

Our town does the fireworks on July 3rd...not sure why but it is kind of fun because it extends the holiday.  We swam late in the afternoon before getting our spot for viewing the fireworks.
 Cheerleading stunts with Daddy!

 We found a great spot that had a perfect view of the fireworks and room to play for the kids.  We ate Chick-fil-A and had a great time!
 Our neighbors joined us and Toby's mom, aunt, and cousin also were visiting and came to enjoy the show.

 The balls kept going down into the sewer.  Here Toby and Chris are lowering Sam down the manhole so he can get the ball.  YUCK!

 Jack wanted to try too!
 While we were sitting around visiting Lucy got up and went and stomped something.  It was starting to get dark and someone said she just killed a spider.  I looked down and could tell by the silhouette it was not a spider but a scorpion.  I have never seen one around here so we all had lots of fun looking at it.  Lucy is a brave one! 
 Enjoying the fireworks in the back of Chris' truck.

The weather was so cool this year and made for such an enjoyable night.  I cannot believe the cool weather we have had this summer.  We are usually well into the 100s by now.  We will take the blessing of cooler weather anytime!

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