Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tea Party Fun

Lucy, Rose, and Harper had a play date at our local tearoom, Kupa Tea, this week.  Melissa made a reservation and they had it all setup with pearls, boas, and special tea cups for the girls.  The girls visited and enjoyed princess tea (pink lemonade) while the mommies were able to catch up.

 The girls loved their tea and the muffins.  Lucy came over and whispered to me she would like to order something hot for lunch. 
 I love these sweet girls and love see them learning how to create their own little friendships.

 Melissa was so sweet to take these pictures of the girls.  She always takes beautiful pictures. 
 And Meggan captured the one below on her phone.  It is such a fun picture...the girls are shouting,
 "Woo Hoo!"

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