Friday, September 5, 2014

Farewell Disney

Why is it never easy to say good-bye to Disneyworld.   I always could stay a few more days.  We woke up early and had our bags checked and headed to Disney Hollywood Studios (or MGM as I will forever call it).  We needed to be there for rope drop so I could run to get Frozen sing-a-long tickets and Jack, Sam, and Mima could run to get in line for Rockin' Roller Coaster.
 Our last morning picture. 
 We had to wait in line for quite awhile before they let people in the park for rope drop.  It was incredibly hot that morning.  Lucy and I were able to see the Frozen Summer opening ceremonies where we were waiting.  Olaf was very cute as he opened the park.  Then I had to run with the stroller to the very back of the park to get our tickets.  Luckily, I got the time I wanted since we were on a tight schedule and had to be back to the hotel by 4 for Magical Express.  After all the running and craziness I thought Lucy deserved a cupcake.  She picked a huge Anna cupcake.  Meanwhile, Mima is with Jack and Sam at Rockin' Roller Coaster.  I notice a text as we are walking to meet them that they would not let Sam ride because of height requirements and that she had let Jack ride by himself and was waiting at the exit.  I could tell she was freaking out a bit.  I hurried to catch up to her and when I did I found a very distraught Sam.  Mima had made it better with a lemon chill and another snack.  She waited at the exit...luckily with Disney rides there is one way in one way out.  Jack cam out grinning from ear to ear and felt like a million bucks.  You could tell that did wonders for his confidence. 

  We met a few Disney Jr characters and headed into the Art of Animation to meet Mickey.  Mickey did a very special job for us.  We took this picture and used it to tell Nicci's kids that they were going to Disney a few weeks later. 

 After this we went to the Frozen sing-a-long.  It is a special event they were doing this summer.  You basically get to sing with the characters to every song in Frozen.  Lucy was in her element and entertaining the crowd.  She would stand up in her chair and passionately sing every word.  I love how Frozen has brought so much joy to families this year.  There was a family with teenaged kids sitting behind us...both boys and girls and they not only were loving watching Lucy but those kids sang every word to the songs as well.  Every mom, dad, and kid was totally engrossed in this sing along...and of course they ended it with snow!  We went to Pizza Planet for lunch which is always fun and my kids inhaled their salad like they were craving vegetables so bad! 
 We planned our FastPasses so that we would end on a big ride too.  Toy Story Mania was our final ride.  We all love this ride and competing for the highest score.   After this it was a race back to the hotel to catch the bus. 
 A sign of a great trip is sleeping kids on the ride to the airport.

This was such a special treat to end the summer.  I know my mom loved being able to go with the kids and get one on one time.  We always have a ball with our huge groups but it is chaotic and there are 17 people coming and going.  This was a slower paced trip where we were really able to enjoy seeing the kids experience Disney.  I am so glad that my mom was then able to go on a trip with Nicci and her kids and in November is getting to go on a Disney cruise with Eric and his family.  She deserves it...she has blessed us beyond measure. 

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