Sunday, September 7, 2014

Back to School Dinner

Since Jack started Kindergarten we have had a back to school dinner the night before.  My parents come and we have spaghetti and meatballs, yummy dessert, and lot of talk about what to expect in the coming school year.
 We have a theme each year and I also read a book that corresponds with that theme.  Inside the book I write a letter to the kids.  I read the book after we finish dinner and before dessert.  Our theme this year was - Kindness Matters!  We talked about what that meant and would look like in the coming year.  Pepa told a story about a kiddo he remembered from his elementary years.
 The kids each get a small gift.  This year they got a water bottle and some other little treats.

 While we were clearing the table we found Lucy sitting their spelling her name.

The boys went with Mima earlier this summer to pick out their first day of school clothes.  All laid out and ready to go.  We were filled with anticipation and excitement for the next day! 
This night is really special and my kids remember all the details.  I wasn't blogging the other years so I want to record what our themes were.
2012-2013 Be Confident
2013-2014 Remember Who You Are (key chain)
2014-2015 Kindness Matters

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