Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WDW - Day 2

After our great first day we headed out bright and early to Animal Kingdom for the Tusker House breakfast.  It is always fun to get into the parks early and walk through the empty streets.  We got to our table quickly and got right to the buffet.  The kids were all looking around to make sure we didn't miss any characters coming to our table.  They enjoyed a variety of yummy breakfast choices.  The first character we saw was Daisy.  Lucy loved her long eyelashes!
 Donald was up next!
 Goofy is always a favorite.  Jack bought the goofy hat the first day we were there with the money Mima gave him.  He was certain he wanted it.  He wore it the entire vacation without fail!  All the characters would point and comment on his hat.
 The big cheese!  Lucy is pretending to be shy.
We had a fun yet short time at Animal Kingdom.  We did Kilamanjaro Safari and Flights of Wonder show early on.  The kids really liked the show...especially Jack.  Then we went to use our FastPass for Kali Rive Rapids but it was shut down.  We headed towards Everest but the kiddos decided to skip that as well.  The boys and I went to ride Dinosaur and halfway through our ride that broke down for about 15 minutes.  My mom and Lucy rode the dinosaur ride and saw Pluto and Goofy again.  They played for a bit in DinoDig and were totally ready to head back to the hotel for swimming.  It was very hot and we all think that Animal Kingdom is the hottest park of them all.  The narrow walkways also cause so much congestion compared to the other parks.  At the hotel we swam for quite awhile and the kids participated in the pool party activities.  Then we cleaned up and headed out to Disney Studios to see Fantasmic.  We first rode the Great Movie Ride which we all love!
The kids are goofing off in line.

 Lucy danced with the characters at the block party.
Waiting on Fantasmic
We all loved Fantasmic and Mima was so sweet and got them the special ears that light up in time with the music.  It was definitely a fun addition to the night.  The boys were really into the story of Fantasmic and totally got what the point of it was.  We were so proud.  On our way out we had a great view of the Frozen fireworks.  Lucy watched from my shoulders and I couldn't help cry.  Another great day at there any other kind?

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