Friday, September 5, 2014

WDW - Day 4

We headed back to Epcot on our fourth day to ride a few more rides and finish the World Showcase.  Every morning we took a picture at the bus stop. 

 Lucy was able to ride Soarin' for the first time.  We put her hair in a high pointytail with a huge bow  to try and make her look 40 inches.  It worked for Soarin' but not so much for Test Track.  While the boys rode Test Track with Mima I took Lucy into MouseGear.  She was showing me all of the goodies she thought she needed. 

 Duffy was not able to meet guests the first day we were at Epcot because he is afraid of thunder and lightening.  So we were super happy when he was out on our second day at Epcot.  She sleeps with her Duffy doll that Mima and Pepa bought her every single night.  He is very well loved!
 The boys even took a pic with Duffy for their sister!
 We literally ate around the world again.  We started in Canada and tried a croissant was delish!  I love the movie in Canada and Jack came out saying he wanted to go to Canada to try all those things.  I told him that would be a several month vacation then.  He was all in.
 At the United Kingdom we met characters, did our KidCot, and tried fish and chips.  They scarfed them done rather quickly. 
 In France we enjoyed pastries and a visit with Aurora!
 Morocco was our last KidCot stop.  It was so fun to get all of these little stamps and signatures.  In China, Japan, and Morocco they wrote their names in the native language and taught them how to say it.  The kids thought that was extra special.  It is fun poking through the shops and having the kids look at different toys, foods, clothing from all the different parts of the world.  These 3 could definitely be world travelers. 

I don't have pictures of it but this day was also extra special because at the American Pavilion I had heard that the Voices of Liberty were occasionally singing Let it Go.  Our first show we sat down and they did a great medley of classic American folk songs.  When it was over the entertainers mingle with the crowd.  I just mentioned if she knew if they would be singing Let it Go today and she said she actually thought it was in the next show in about 40 minutes.  We went on into the American Adventure but Lucy and I snuck out early to head back to the Voices of Liberty show.  We had a perfect front row seat and when the singers came out they were all smiling and waving to Lucy.  I knew they had something special in store.  They sang a few songs and then said that Disney songs were a definite part of American culture and they were all looking straight at Lucy.  They sang the most beautiful a capella version of Let it Go.  Lucy was over the moon.  They finished that set with  Josh Groban's You Raise Me Up.  It was a such a special moment with my girl.  Mima and the boys made it out to see the end of the show.  We had finished Epcot and were headed back to the hotel to swim.  When we got there it quickly started pouring and we had to run back to our room in a monsoon.  Inches of water had pooled all on the walkways.  The boys ran so fast they got out of my eyesight and I was so nervous.  Lucy's pancho got caught in the stroller and I had to stop and pull the plastic out of the wheels.  When I got to the room the boys were waiting for me smiling from ear to ear.  They thought it was incredibly fun to run through the rain and get soaking wet.  It was another great day!

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