Sunday, May 27, 2012

Field Trip

Jack had his first field trip with his preschool.  They went to Katherine Rose Park for the day and it was hot but lots of fun.  The best part...getting to ride the bus.

Jack and his friend Jack David being silly.

Feeding the turtles and fish.  Jack kept asking his classmates to be quiet to not scare the fish away.  Ms.Gower had them all wear green shirts to keep track of them.

The turtles slowly swam up to see what was for lunch.

Nature walk

I think this little guy was trying to stay cool.  We found lots of different things on the nature walk.  Butterflies, bugs, spider webs, dead snake, birds, squirrels, and more.

Jack took my camera to take pictures of some of his friends during lunch.

Cooling off with the second Popsicle of the day.

He had a great time and was so glad that I was able to come.  I am so thankful to Toby for letting me stay at home so I can take part in things like this.  He actually was kind of clingy after I got there.  His shyness is more prevalent always when I am around.  I am really hoping that next year in Kindergarten he starts to gain some confidence in himself.  I really think he is going to have a quiet strength...just like his Daddy. 

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