Saturday, August 6, 2011

Farmers Market Fun

Who knew that a farmers market could be so much fun? So much to look at, taste, experience, and talk about. We went to a farmers market in downtown Columbus called North Market.
The cheese section looked heavenly and offered a little plate for tasting. I wondered to myself if the salsa station would be up to par with Texas salsa. By the looks of the stand...not too many Ohio natives are digging the salsa and hot sauce.
This stand was called Green Grocer and had beautiful looking produce. I sent the boys on a little scavenger hunt to find fruit and veggies of different colors. We talked about what everything was and how it might taste.

The fish counter was a huge hit! The boys asked about what all the different types of fish were and were able to tell me where some of the fish came from. I guess all that reading and Discovery Channel is paying off. When Jack saw the shrimp he called me over and told me, "This is going to knock your socks off." We love shrimp in this family.

How could we not stop at the candy stand and let them pick up an assortment of candy. The coolest candy was the Lego shaped hard candy.

Everyone here always comments on her bows. You do not see many bows on little girls so they probably think I am ridiculous for putting them on her.

His first gold coin chocolate.

The bakery line was especially long so we decided to stop and get some sourdough and a HUGE cinnamon roll for Daddy. They are supposedly the best cinnamon roll in all of Ohio.

You can kind of see int he back of the picture that most of the produce and fresh egg stands are run by the Amish. The kids loved buying produce from a "real farmer".

There was a lot of tasting going on. Lucy looks put out.

Ice cream made from a grass fed cow's raw milk.

A close up of Sammy's dirty fingernails and his Lego candy.

Couldn't pass on the peaches!

We were checking out some fresh herbs and plants and a lady gave both the boys these tiny succulents. A plant hardy enough they won't be able to kill it.

There were two street performers that were playing music. The boys were intrigued and really liked the music. I told them that if we stayed to listen we needed to put money in the guitar case. That these men were artists and it is a struggle for them to make enough money but we admire them for doing what they love. And that art makes our world a much better place so we have to support it.
Jack being Jack was too shy and unsure of strangers. He gave his dollar back to me.

Adventurous Sam went right up there and dropped it off. I think the guy was going to let him play his bongos but Sam ran off. What a great opportunity to teach them how important it is to value and support art. Some of my most vivid memories of vacations are watching street performers and seeing my parent throw some change or dollars in their buckets. I hope my kids learn to do the same.

Pretty flowers grown by the sweet Amish lady. What a great way to spend a morning.


  1. aren't those lego candies great? those were a hit when we stopped at a candy store on our vacation too!
    and Amish country is great! We've been when we go to PA. Their markets are definitely to die for:)

  2. I know you're on your way home now. But next time, you tell those peeps commenting on Lucy's bows, "the bigger the bow, the better the mama!" ha!