Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fireplace Revamp

One of the most dreaded things about our house when we moved in was our fireplace....and master bath, southwest wallpaper, stained tile, ugly cabinets. The list could go on but seriously the fireplace was a huge eye sore with its dated wood paneling, soot-stained brick, short mantle, and brass doors. We needed an inexpensive fix and I came up with something that involved paint and reclaimed barnwood. However, reclaimed barnwood is expensive so I had to improvise. We primed the really stained parts then painted the brick with a high nap roller and brush. We used a color called White Linen. Used the trusty nail gun...thanks Mom for that Christmas gift. I used 1x8 pine and distressed it using a paint wash and a stain. We also beat the wood with chain and a hammer.Almost finished.
First decor option...not so much.The final product...except I need more candle inside the firebox (Is that a word?).

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  1. Love it! What a great idea to just distress your own wood ... thanks for the inspiration!