Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DEMO - Day 1

Before today we had already started a little bit of the demo process. Our friends Brittany and Jeremy came over to see the new house and Brittany got us all to dig right into removing the wallpaper. We all stood around talking and stripping wallpaper. I was definitely not sad to see that wallpaper go. The awesome crew we have working on our house arrived promptly this morning and began the very messy job of taking up the tile. It went very smoothly and they were able to get all of the tile up by around three o'clock. They were also able to pull the carpet out of the morning room. The moldings are all taken down and they have begun caulking the cabinets. All of the hardware is already removed. Tomorrow I think they begin work on the cabinets which means tonight I have to find somewhere to put everything that is currently in the cabinets. So what I am saying is essentially we unpacked to repack...probably not the smartest move.

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